Improving the Network Load by Modifying MAC Settings

Navjit Singh


Wireless Local Area Network is a network that makes use of wireless transmission medium. During the last few decades the type of LAN which is wired had gained a lot of popularity as well as deployment on large scale. An IEEE standard 802.3 was revised with few modifications and has extended over few years. More than 1000 Mbps are nowadays available with ultra high speed versions which are quite high speed. Till now wireless LAN has not gained importance because of high cost. Installation cost and hardware cost is quite high in case of wireless area network. In our research work we have created two scenarios one is simple case in which we have not done any modification in MAC layer settings while in other case we changed delay time i.e we have lowered delay time for MAC settings and after evaluating we have found that network load becomes less in the second scenario where we have lowered the delay time for wireless network. Moreover queue delay is also improved in the second case.

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